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BirTık Tasarım  has been providing services inWeb Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Google Ads (Adwords) Advertising, Web Development, and SEO to its clients since 2019.

Our primary goal is to offer our customers the best experience and ensure high-level customer satisfaction…

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Who are we ?

As a digital agency, BirTık Tasarım is an organization that wants to help you with all the needs of your brand in the branding process and to provide services to complete all your deficiencies.

Our aim is to lead in the creation of strong brands in our country,
Our aim is to carry the brands of our customers, who have new ventures or established business, to the internet in the most effective and correct way, to ensure that they move forward with confident steps to success day by day.
As a result, since we work with a digital agency logic,
We are progressing as an organization that you will want to receive service with the trust that is your 24/7 interlocutor.


How do we work?

1. Analysis & Plan
Sector analysis and business plan for the creation of your website in line with your demands and expectations.
2.Design and Coding
Coding and optimizing the design of your chosen theme to meet all your needs.
3.Test and Control
Testing your website after completion. Detecting errors and deficiencies and making them perfect.
4.Technical Support and Training
Thanks to our professional support team, we provide 24/7 full support. We are with you with product installation and usage training videos.
5. Advertising and Management
We do not leave you alone until you reach your first customer, and we ensure that you get to the top of Google with competitor analysis and cost calculation while advertising on your website.
  12 Installments  at the Cash Price.

E-Commerce Packages and Prices

  12 Installments  at the Cash Price.

Web Design Packages and Prices

Youtube Channel: @BirTıkTasarım
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose BirTık Tasarım?

BirTık Tasarım is consistently committed to ethical values and professionalism when serving its customers. This ensures that we provide our customers with honest, transparent, and accurate information, and we do our best to meet their needs.

How much are web design prices?

The price of web design can vary depending on factors such as the size, complexity, and content of the design. For example, it may be less expensive for a small business website, while a large e-commerce website may come with a higher cost. Additionally, adding custom design and features can increase the price.

Will we be able to update our website ourselves?

Yes, on dynamic websites, you can update your site as you wish. You can add and expand content, images, pages, and products on your own.

Can we choose from several designs before having a website made?
Design Selection

Yes, when getting a website made, you can choose from among different designs. Our web design service company can provide you with several options from our pre-designed templates or existing designs. You can select the design you prefer from these options or customize the design features to create a design that suits your needs.

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