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Types of Mobile Applications

What we can do with the Mobile Application.

Webview Application
It is the app version of your website.
Android Application
We can create a custom application tailored to your desired features specifically for Android-compatible devices.
iOS Application
We can create a custom app specifically developed for iOS compatible devices.
Travel and Tourism Mobile Application
With your custom mobile application for your business, you can sell 'hotels, holiday packages, plane tickets, and travel packages'.
Appointment Mobile Application
'Dentists, therapists, coaches, psychologists, counselors, etc.', no matter what your profession is, plan it with our application.
E-Commerce Mobile Application
By migrating your e-commerce site to mobile platforms, you can increase your orders and take your brand one step further.
Restaurant Mobile Application
If you want to improve your business like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and so on, you can increase your orders through your mobile application.
Custom Mobile Application
Do you have an idea? You can bring your project to life with a mobile application and generate the advertising revenue you want from mobile app stores.
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Mobile Application Service

By getting mobile app services, you can take a strategic step towards developing your brand’s mobile application. Especially if you have an e-commerce site, having an app is advantageous for product and sales transactions. Mobile app services have now become an important part of digital marketing. Companies looking to stay one step ahead of their competitors are developing apps with themes like blogs, news, or e-commerce. Developing an app is a good step to maximize customer interaction.
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What is Mobile Application Service?

Developing mobile applications has become a commonly sought-after service for e-commerce websites. By availing this service, you can have a functional application that can be used on mobile devices. With this application, you can list your products, run campaigns, and send notifications to your customers.

Our experts in mobile app development have created applications for dozens of companies, ensuring compatibility with both IOS and Android markets. We achieve satisfaction rates of up to 100% by creating unique and dynamic applications. If you want to have a high-quality mobile application that allows you to effectively market your products, please contact us.

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What Does Mobile App Service Do?

Getting expert support to develop your mobile application helps you have a professional app. In mobile app services, a functional application is prepared based on your company’s concept. For example, if you have a news website, your app is prepared according to this theme. If an app is to be made for your e-commerce site, you will have a user-friendly panel to manage product sales. Website owners who want to receive mobile app services can achieve effective results with our company’s expert solutions. To have fast, dynamic, and visually appealing mobile applications, all you need to do is contact us. Our customer support will provide information about the service details and find solutions to your needs in a short time.

Webview Application

Would you like to turn your website into a mobile app?

Let's transform your website into an Android and iOS mobile app. We can have your mobile app ready with your web address, brand name, and logo within days, presenting it to your customers and keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.

You can continue to use all the features of your website through your mobile app and keep your visitors informed about promotions and updates through notifications.

E-Commerce Mobile Application

By converting your online store into a mobile application, you can reach new sales channels and new customers.

To effectively market your products, you need to create sales channels such as an e-commerce website, social media page, and mobile application.

With the e-commerce site we create, you'll be able to use the same features actively in your mobile application.

Of course, the most important aspect is that you can benefit from secure and various payment systems through your mobile application, such as 'cash on delivery,' 'credit card,' and 'bank transfer/EFT payment' options.

Travel and Tourism Mobile Application

Do you have a travel agency or do you want to sell holiday and flight tickets? Would you like to have a custom mobile application for your business?

Sell your hotel and holiday packages through your mobile app.
You can offer your "holiday, hotel, flight ticket, travel" packages to your customers through the application.

Restaurant Mobile Application

Don't you want to have a custom food ordering app?

With a food ordering app, as a restaurant owner, you can reach more customers, and many things within the restaurant start to automate thanks to this app. You can continue to manage everything from one place and grow your business.

You can increase your brand awareness and add your products and menus to the app. Your users can add desired products to their cart and place orders. They can make payments with their preferred payment method and track the order status through the app.

"Cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and eateries" are all starting to have their own mobile apps. If you want to take a step forward in branding and growing your business, you can get support from us.

Appointment Mobile Application

Wouldn't you like to have your own appointment application?

Let your customers use your mobile app to make appointments, suitable for everyone who works with appointments such as hairdressers, barbers, trainers, beauty centers, dentists, doctors, coaches, therapists, and more.

You can communicate with your users through instant notifications, send announcement notifications, and share news.

Thanks to the appointment system that can integrate with Google Calendar, they can make appointments at your available times, allowing you to save time from email and phone traffic in your busy work schedule and have a more organized work life, giving you more time for yourself.

Custom Mobile Application

Your opinion is special to us too, let's bring your project to life with the same enthusiasm and eagerness as you.

You may come with a project that no one has done before, or you may want to re-implement a similar project with your own interpretation, making it more advanced. We understand you very well. If you have unique project ideas like "Places to Visit App, Courier App, Reminder and Note App, Restaurant Rating," or if you want to implement previously made project ideas with your own twist, we can work together to bring them to life. If you want to take a step forward in branding and growing your business, you can get support from us.
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